Sunday, October 30, 2016

5 Questions for HPCSA's Daphney Chuma

Two full days after Pressreleasegate, I'm still befuddled by the Health Professions Council of South Africa's (HPCSA) bonehead attempt to confuse the public about Banting proponent Tim Noakes by accidentally on purpose submitting a press release reporting the A1-rated scientist was found guilty of unprofessional conduct -- six months prior to the date the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) was scheduled to render a decision.

In the United States, that would be like declaring a presidential election winner in May!

What's most puzzling is the same press release that declared Noakes guilty also included the scheduled dates for the advocates' final arguments and the PCC's decision; so no claim can be made there was any confusion on the author's part.

Still, the Loquacious Lowcarbivore likes to give even the most incompetent professional societies the benefit of the doubt; so we invite Daphney Chuma -- a member of HPCSA's executive management team and self-proclaimed author of the mysterious press release -- to set the record straight by answering five simple questions:
  1. Why did you issue a press release declaring Prof. Tim Noakes guilty six months before the PCC was scheduled to decide the case?
  2. Why did you post the original defamatory "Noakes was found guilty" press release on the HPCSA website but not the retraction?
  3. Why is your staff too busy to update the HPCSA Twitter and Facebook feeds yet finds time to write a press release six months in advance?
  4. Did you write the press release declaring Noakes guilty because the finding was predetermined -- or do you have psychic abilities?
  5. Your official statement on Friday was: “There was no communication breakdown. We sent a wrong statement. It was issued by myself.” As a public relations professional, you know how much harm can be done when false information goes viral, even if it is later retracted. Are you willing to post an apology and more detailed explanation of what transpired on all HCPSA social media sites and the HPCSA home page to make amends for defaming a world-renowned scientist?
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