Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tim Noakes Bogus Guilty 'Verdict' Latest Bombshell in Bizarre Conspiracy Against Banting Doctor

In what has to be one of the most surreal medical ethics hearings in history, the Health Professions Council of South Africa's (HPCSA) latest gambit in its kangaroo court tribunal against Prof. Tim Noakes was declaring the A1-rated scientist guilty six months prior to the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) issuing a verdict on the case.

Though HPCSA has since apologized for its deceptive press release, the damage was already done.

Some of the more gullible South African media outlets like News 24 and You had already run with the story like lap dogs chasing their shadows whilst conventional dietitians were giddily toasting each other with champagne flutes of Diet Coke.

Alas, the party was soon over with plenty of apologies to go around from both HPCSA and "reporters" who were too lazy to read the press release that clearly stated a final decision by the Professional Conduct Committee was going to be rendered in April 2017.

But was the media advisory really a mistake?
The HPSCA kangaroo court
declared Noakes guilty
before a decision was rendered

Thanks to the dogged reporting of Marika Sboros on her FoodMed blog, the California based  Loquacious Lowcarbivore knew the hearing was on hiatus from halfway around the planet. So how could the HPCSA staff in Pretoria not be privy to this basic fact?

One would have to stretch logic like Silly Putty to argue this was an innocent mishap since the first paragraph of the press release unequivocally declared Noakes guilty of unprofessional conduct.

The credibility of HPCSA was shredded by this shameless attempt to defame Noakes. Even Advocate Joan Adams, the chairwoman of the committee that will decide this case, felt compelled to issue a statement that the press release was "devoid of all truth."

An interesting wrinkle to this media advisory mischief on the part of HPCSA is how hasty it was to issue such a dodgy press release in light of its lackadaisical interest in media relations. As Prof. Noakes' son Travis noted on Twitter:
Meanwhile the HPCSA Facebook page has not been updated since last Christmas to announce holiday office closures.

So why the big hurry to publicize a false verdict on the Noakes case?

And why no attempt to make amends by doing a mea culpa on social media?

The Loquacious Lowcarbivore will put on her tin foil hat and hazard a guess that HPCSA knows if a lie is published and later retracted, many people will never see the retraction and believe the initial report. HPCSA may have plotted to plant the notion of Noakes' guilt in people's minds, knowing that a high percentage will never see the subsequent correction. 

Prof. Noakes may believe this as well. "I think one of the keys is how widespread the message went, and we know that in the Transvaal it was the number one trend on Twitter," he was quoted as saying by Eyewitness News. "So that's how many people saw this misinformation, and that obviously alarming for us."

Based on Joan Adams' clear contempt for HPCSA's latest shenanigans, I can only hope this too clever by half strategy will backfire and the PCC will find Noakes not guilty on the council's ridiculous charge.

In the meantime, the Loquacious Lowcaribovre challenges HPCSA to make a public apology to Prof. Tim Noakes on Twitter from whence this fiasco started.

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